Sunday, November 22, 2009

James tries Rice Cereal

Saturday James tried rice cereal for the first time! I think his face said it all...

Saturday morning breakfast, baby gets rice cereal and milk, mommy likes Cheerio's, and daddy likes Grapenuts

What is this stuff, it is awful!

Mommy liked it though, she can have it

We'll try again maybe in a week :)


Angela said...

Oh Kendra you didn't!! I can't stand the stuff...not even to lick a tiny bit off my finger...not even if it's totally mixed in with fruit. All I can say is that if you can stomach baby rice cereal, I'm impressed. ;)

Kate Bailey said...

Aww, his little face is so precious! Definitely don't give up, though. Hannah made a worse face, and by day three, she was sucking it off the spoon as fast as we could dish it up! :) And I agree with Angela... I couldn't eat it, either!

Ryan and Michelle said...

try mixing it with baby food. he might like it better.