Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That Famous Preston Night Rodeo

The last weekend in July we went to Franklin to spend the night and go to "That Famous Preston Night Rodeo" with lots of the family. It was great when we were all able to sit together and watch the rodeo. There were probably at least 30 of us there. James loved the bull riding the most. He thought they were funny, and that the bulls were so neat because they were so big. We loved just being with so much family. It is always great to see people from out of town too. We saw some of Nathan's cousins who live in South Dakota, and others from Arizona, and from Washington, and of course from Idaho.

Tom, Kristie, Angela, and Jeff

Us sitting next to the Lovell's

Sunday we attended church with all the family, then had a big family dinner at Nathan's Uncle Doug and Aunt Debbie's house in Franklin. Almost all of the Haworth sisters were there too. A game of volleyball started up, and there was a bounce house for the kids to play on.

A family volleyball game

Some Haworths :)

Kourtnee and Jack-Jack
Rodeo weekend was great, maybe next year James can do mutton-busting?

Morgan Valley Half Marathon

We came home from Vail on Thursday, Friday I rested, and Saturday I needed to do a long run for training. So I decided to do the Morgan Valley Marathon, the half marathon about two weeks prior. I easily convinced one of my running buddies and neighbor Erin to do it with me.

This is us before the race. We did pretty good. I think I ended with a 9:28/mile time, with just over 2hours. For me that is awesome. The last one I did I think I had a 10:40ish time, so I was happy, and it is always better to run with your friends.

During the run. I think we are doing good, and by the way, both of us have had a baby in the not too distant past. Erin's is even six months. Go us!

After the race.
Now from here we'll just try to get better. We have another run in September we'd like to try, after I do the marathon (which by the way, I think is a bucket list thing, half marathon's are more my distance). Without someone to run with, I'm sure I wouldn't be running as much. At night when I get to go with girls from the neighborhood, it is the time to have adult conversation, talk about our kids, and recharge with endorphins for the next day. I felt really good after this race too, which is another goal of mine. I don't want my legs to feel dead or ache so much that I can't move. Worked out too because later that day we went to Preston for the rodeo and family time, but more on that in the next post...

Vail Part 3


Vail Part 2

Our second part of the Vail trip we actually all went down to Parker/Englewood to visit family that we wouldn't see in Vail, and it was the boys' first shared birthday so we had a great little party with everyone.

Boompa and Grammies gave the boys a rocking horse that makes noise, and they love it.
They also loved their cake and ice cream :)

At Uncle Kyle's and Aunt Carol's house.
James played fetch with the ball with their lab Morgan for probably an hour.
Neither toddler nor dog ever got tired. That dog LOVES balls, and James loved to throw them to her, over and over and over again.

We stopped by the Colman's house to say hi too.
We love Grandpa and Grandma Colman (we are their adopted grand-daughters :) )

The whole group, with one of their grand-daughters, and in the back, check out the photo bomb by their grandson Nick. Haha, it made me laugh when I uploaded my pictures.

We were able to see our horse Cinnamon. It is old hat to James to get to sit up and ride her, but this was Jackman's first time! He was a little nervous, but Boompa was right there to reassure him.

And at the barn where the horse is boarded is a...
...bobcat! James of course had to ride it. He was so excited, he loves these things. And it was just like his baby bobcat (he has a toy one that is a favorite).

All of this was seriously in two days, then we drove back up to Vail to continue the vacation.
Our boys were fantastic, and we were so happy we could see everyone that we did.

Vail Part 1

Vail, Colorado is a place in the Rocky Mountains that my Grandma Kitty has had times shares at for the last 30+ years. For two weeks in July anyone is welcome to go use the timeshare at The Wren condominiums. Last year we couldn't go because of Jack-Jack's arrival, so this year we were able to spend over a week there! Kirstin came with us and we were able to take her in our car. The Wren is on the end of a street of condos and ridiculously nice penthouses. It's location makes it closest on that side of Gore Creek to the fantastic playground, the Ford Amphitheater and Betty Ford Garden's, and an awesome nature center with trail right by the creek.
These pictures are from the first few days of our adventures.

Kirstin, Jack-Jack, and Kendra on the Nature Center trail

Swinging at the awesome park and throwing rocks in the Gore Creek

James looking through the window, and checking out our bikes and pumping up the tires for us

James and Daddy swimming
James didn't get in the pool much, he thinks they are too cold
I can't blame him, and that age I thought so too

Hiller Family Reunion

Right after the 4th of July we attended the annual Hiller Reunion! So Grandma Haworth (Nathan's mom's side) is the second of six kids. She had 7 kids. And those kids each had 4-6 kids. And now about half of those kids are married and having kids. Anyway, back to Grandma, she is a Hiller, so you can imagine how big this family is if all came. There were lots of people, and a large amount of Haworths, which was so neat. I am very blessed to be a part of such an incredible family. Four of the six Hiller siblings were there, including spouses, and
Great-Grandma Annie O. Hiller too.

Great-Grandma, Grandma Haworth, and her younger sister Evelyn and younger brothers Melvin and Karl, and the spouses

The reunion was so much fun to catch up with people that we sometimes only see once a year, but as our shirts say, our "Hearts United in Love". Everyone got a shirt.

Before the reunion Cory and Karissa stayed with us, and Karissa made a fish cake for the reunion. If anyone has ever read Hyperbole and a Half, look up the story about cake, and that was how James was with the cake, he WANTED that cake, and we had to keep moving it because he was climbing to get at it.

It was also another great opportunity to meet up with Haworths. That family is incredible as everyone is friends, and everyone talks and gets along, and we all keep in touch with a monthly family letter. Love them!

There was also this giant water slide. James went down twice, and then he was done. Nathan went down, and when little kids would go down they were launched and loved it. Looks like a lot of fun that maybe we'll have to rent for a birthday party down the road. A big thanks to Karl and Debbie Hiller again for hosting and keeping us all together! Love you guys!

First Friend Party

July 14th we had the first "friend" party for James and Jack-Jack to celebrate their double birthdays a week early because we'd be in Vail the next week. We had a John Deere tractor themed party, James chose it.

The cake
I was pretty proud of this cake, the first double layer I've ever made
It was all decorated, then James decided to add some more when I was getting something else ready, he was so proud too :)

I had all sorts of water games planned since it has been so hot; water balloons, water guns to take home even, a kiddie pool, and a slip-n-slid. I was outside sweeping the back patio, stood up straight to stretch my back, and it honestly began to pour. This was also about 20 minutes before the party was supposed to start. Now I'm not complaining that we got rain, because this state needs it so much, but the first rainstorm to happen all month and it was right before the party, and then lasted for over half of the party...throw me a bone! So we played inside instead, most parents stayed to visit too, and after we ate pizza, watermelon shaped like stars, and juice, the kids all decorated sugar cookies with green icing also in the shape of stars (I'm so glad that I had that ready as a back-up plan thanks to the idea from Kathy). I wish that I had a picture from that activity, because though there were six kids doing it, each was doing it so differently. One was licking the frosting straight from the butter knife, one was just eating the cookies plain, one putting icing on the cookie then eating that bite, one decorating the whole cookie then eating eat, one not eating anything but just decorating, and one decorating her fingers with the frosting and then licking it off.

After all the food, we opened presents, our boys were thoroughly spoiled, and having all the kids help open gifts was like bringing the excitement from a toy store to our living room.

Can you see the chaos?

Then the rain stopped so we decided to try out the water fun outside. What a hit! A bunch of 2-4 year olds running around with water guns! Then I got them all to chase me, and they thought that was hilarious. I did too, I'm so glad that I got out there and played, I want to be the fun mom:) And having the water guns being the take home party favor was so easy, plus the kids loved it.

Not only did we survive, but it was a success! Even with the rain, everyone had a great time, and by the end, all involved were ready for a nap.
And so we all had one:)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fourth at the Farm

Fourth of July was awesome! In the morning we went to the parade in Morgan. I love that we live in smallish town/community. Small enough that they still throw candy at the parade, everyone waves, and it is so family friendly. How fun, I can guarantee that someday we will have children who are in things to be in the parade whether it be band, 4H, FFA, or something. James loved the firetruck the most. Jack-Jack thought it was lots of fun too.

After the parade we made our way up to the farm in Franklin.

James played with all the old fashioned toys while there. I remember many of those from my childhood, and these particular ones have gone through kids, grandkids, and many great-grandkids too. We enjoyed great food with Grandma and Grandpa, and Karissa and Cory came up as well, how cool! And of course we had to see the cows. When we first arrived James showed Grandpa Haworth his new "baby" John Deere tractor and bailer, complete with a "baby" circle hay that comes out the bailer. He chose that as his cake topper for his birthday, but was playing with it early. Some of the first words out of James' mouth to Grandpa, uncoached by us, was "I want to be a farmer when I grow up". How cute is that!

We watched the fireworks with Grandpa, Grandma, Karissa, and Cory in Lewiston that night. Jack-Jack was cute, all in his jammies, ready for bed. I thought he'd fall asleep, but he was wide awake, and was making the sign for "more" over and over in between clapping and the explosions. James loved it too as we watched it from the back of our car.

We spent the night with Mike and Misty, and unfortunately didn't get any pictures. Thanks for having us, we love the farm! Happy Fourth:)