Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vail Part 2

Our second part of the Vail trip we actually all went down to Parker/Englewood to visit family that we wouldn't see in Vail, and it was the boys' first shared birthday so we had a great little party with everyone.

Boompa and Grammies gave the boys a rocking horse that makes noise, and they love it.
They also loved their cake and ice cream :)

At Uncle Kyle's and Aunt Carol's house.
James played fetch with the ball with their lab Morgan for probably an hour.
Neither toddler nor dog ever got tired. That dog LOVES balls, and James loved to throw them to her, over and over and over again.

We stopped by the Colman's house to say hi too.
We love Grandpa and Grandma Colman (we are their adopted grand-daughters :) )

The whole group, with one of their grand-daughters, and in the back, check out the photo bomb by their grandson Nick. Haha, it made me laugh when I uploaded my pictures.

We were able to see our horse Cinnamon. It is old hat to James to get to sit up and ride her, but this was Jackman's first time! He was a little nervous, but Boompa was right there to reassure him.

And at the barn where the horse is boarded is a...
...bobcat! James of course had to ride it. He was so excited, he loves these things. And it was just like his baby bobcat (he has a toy one that is a favorite).

All of this was seriously in two days, then we drove back up to Vail to continue the vacation.
Our boys were fantastic, and we were so happy we could see everyone that we did.