Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Friend Party

July 14th we had the first "friend" party for James and Jack-Jack to celebrate their double birthdays a week early because we'd be in Vail the next week. We had a John Deere tractor themed party, James chose it.

The cake
I was pretty proud of this cake, the first double layer I've ever made
It was all decorated, then James decided to add some more when I was getting something else ready, he was so proud too :)

I had all sorts of water games planned since it has been so hot; water balloons, water guns to take home even, a kiddie pool, and a slip-n-slid. I was outside sweeping the back patio, stood up straight to stretch my back, and it honestly began to pour. This was also about 20 minutes before the party was supposed to start. Now I'm not complaining that we got rain, because this state needs it so much, but the first rainstorm to happen all month and it was right before the party, and then lasted for over half of the party...throw me a bone! So we played inside instead, most parents stayed to visit too, and after we ate pizza, watermelon shaped like stars, and juice, the kids all decorated sugar cookies with green icing also in the shape of stars (I'm so glad that I had that ready as a back-up plan thanks to the idea from Kathy). I wish that I had a picture from that activity, because though there were six kids doing it, each was doing it so differently. One was licking the frosting straight from the butter knife, one was just eating the cookies plain, one putting icing on the cookie then eating that bite, one decorating the whole cookie then eating eat, one not eating anything but just decorating, and one decorating her fingers with the frosting and then licking it off.

After all the food, we opened presents, our boys were thoroughly spoiled, and having all the kids help open gifts was like bringing the excitement from a toy store to our living room.

Can you see the chaos?

Then the rain stopped so we decided to try out the water fun outside. What a hit! A bunch of 2-4 year olds running around with water guns! Then I got them all to chase me, and they thought that was hilarious. I did too, I'm so glad that I got out there and played, I want to be the fun mom:) And having the water guns being the take home party favor was so easy, plus the kids loved it.

Not only did we survive, but it was a success! Even with the rain, everyone had a great time, and by the end, all involved were ready for a nap.
And so we all had one:)