Friday, July 20, 2012

Fourth at the Farm

Fourth of July was awesome! In the morning we went to the parade in Morgan. I love that we live in smallish town/community. Small enough that they still throw candy at the parade, everyone waves, and it is so family friendly. How fun, I can guarantee that someday we will have children who are in things to be in the parade whether it be band, 4H, FFA, or something. James loved the firetruck the most. Jack-Jack thought it was lots of fun too.

After the parade we made our way up to the farm in Franklin.

James played with all the old fashioned toys while there. I remember many of those from my childhood, and these particular ones have gone through kids, grandkids, and many great-grandkids too. We enjoyed great food with Grandma and Grandpa, and Karissa and Cory came up as well, how cool! And of course we had to see the cows. When we first arrived James showed Grandpa Haworth his new "baby" John Deere tractor and bailer, complete with a "baby" circle hay that comes out the bailer. He chose that as his cake topper for his birthday, but was playing with it early. Some of the first words out of James' mouth to Grandpa, uncoached by us, was "I want to be a farmer when I grow up". How cute is that!

We watched the fireworks with Grandpa, Grandma, Karissa, and Cory in Lewiston that night. Jack-Jack was cute, all in his jammies, ready for bed. I thought he'd fall asleep, but he was wide awake, and was making the sign for "more" over and over in between clapping and the explosions. James loved it too as we watched it from the back of our car.

We spent the night with Mike and Misty, and unfortunately didn't get any pictures. Thanks for having us, we love the farm! Happy Fourth:)