Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vail Part 1

Vail, Colorado is a place in the Rocky Mountains that my Grandma Kitty has had times shares at for the last 30+ years. For two weeks in July anyone is welcome to go use the timeshare at The Wren condominiums. Last year we couldn't go because of Jack-Jack's arrival, so this year we were able to spend over a week there! Kirstin came with us and we were able to take her in our car. The Wren is on the end of a street of condos and ridiculously nice penthouses. It's location makes it closest on that side of Gore Creek to the fantastic playground, the Ford Amphitheater and Betty Ford Garden's, and an awesome nature center with trail right by the creek.
These pictures are from the first few days of our adventures.

Kirstin, Jack-Jack, and Kendra on the Nature Center trail

Swinging at the awesome park and throwing rocks in the Gore Creek

James looking through the window, and checking out our bikes and pumping up the tires for us

James and Daddy swimming
James didn't get in the pool much, he thinks they are too cold
I can't blame him, and that age I thought so too