Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Morgan Valley Half Marathon

We came home from Vail on Thursday, Friday I rested, and Saturday I needed to do a long run for training. So I decided to do the Morgan Valley Marathon, the half marathon about two weeks prior. I easily convinced one of my running buddies and neighbor Erin to do it with me.

This is us before the race. We did pretty good. I think I ended with a 9:28/mile time, with just over 2hours. For me that is awesome. The last one I did I think I had a 10:40ish time, so I was happy, and it is always better to run with your friends.

During the run. I think we are doing good, and by the way, both of us have had a baby in the not too distant past. Erin's is even six months. Go us!

After the race.
Now from here we'll just try to get better. We have another run in September we'd like to try, after I do the marathon (which by the way, I think is a bucket list thing, half marathon's are more my distance). Without someone to run with, I'm sure I wouldn't be running as much. At night when I get to go with girls from the neighborhood, it is the time to have adult conversation, talk about our kids, and recharge with endorphins for the next day. I felt really good after this race too, which is another goal of mine. I don't want my legs to feel dead or ache so much that I can't move. Worked out too because later that day we went to Preston for the rodeo and family time, but more on that in the next post...


Tiffany Smart said...

How hard was this race for beginners? I'm looking to do it in a month but haven't exactly trained.... What are your suggestions?