Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hiller Family Reunion

Right after the 4th of July we attended the annual Hiller Reunion! So Grandma Haworth (Nathan's mom's side) is the second of six kids. She had 7 kids. And those kids each had 4-6 kids. And now about half of those kids are married and having kids. Anyway, back to Grandma, she is a Hiller, so you can imagine how big this family is if all came. There were lots of people, and a large amount of Haworths, which was so neat. I am very blessed to be a part of such an incredible family. Four of the six Hiller siblings were there, including spouses, and
Great-Grandma Annie O. Hiller too.

Great-Grandma, Grandma Haworth, and her younger sister Evelyn and younger brothers Melvin and Karl, and the spouses

The reunion was so much fun to catch up with people that we sometimes only see once a year, but as our shirts say, our "Hearts United in Love". Everyone got a shirt.

Before the reunion Cory and Karissa stayed with us, and Karissa made a fish cake for the reunion. If anyone has ever read Hyperbole and a Half, look up the story about cake, and that was how James was with the cake, he WANTED that cake, and we had to keep moving it because he was climbing to get at it.

It was also another great opportunity to meet up with Haworths. That family is incredible as everyone is friends, and everyone talks and gets along, and we all keep in touch with a monthly family letter. Love them!

There was also this giant water slide. James went down twice, and then he was done. Nathan went down, and when little kids would go down they were launched and loved it. Looks like a lot of fun that maybe we'll have to rent for a birthday party down the road. A big thanks to Karl and Debbie Hiller again for hosting and keeping us all together! Love you guys!