Friday, September 30, 2011

Got Milk?

Saying that I do is an understatement.

Extra milk for one day

Extra another day. Each of those bags has about 8oz.

This is the EXTRA, after Jackman has eaten for a 24 hour period.
He can breastfeed and take a bottle of breast milk, and I still make tons extra.
I'm working on freezing a year's supply (I know, crazy huh).
And my application to be a donor to NICU babies is currently being processed.

First I've donated hair, now milk.

Jack's Stats: 2 Months

Jackman had his two month appointment not long ago.
He got five shots, poor little thing, after an unsuccessful blood draw to be a participant in a study where those five needle pokes would have been combined and would become only two essentially.
James was the cutest big brother and when the nurse was trying to get the blood draw, James was went over and said as he was trying to push the nurse away from Jackman, "Jack-Jack hurt, Jack-Jack is sad".
I love that.
He never has showed animosity towards his little brother.

Weight: 10.1lbs (20th %tile)
Height: 22.7 inches (50th %tile!)
Head Circ: 15 inches (15th %tile)

Look at that little one grow!
He is giving smiles now too, baby smiles are the best.
So genuine.
I just love him to pieces.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

James' Two Year Stats

This is late, but better than never. James had his two year appointment last month, and these are his stats:

Weight: 24.1 lbs (7th %tile)
Height: 33.2 in (17th %tile)
Head Circ: 18.8 in (20th %tile)

He is our little boy now, not a baby! It makes me sad and happy at the same time.
He knows all sorts of sounds like that of a helicoptor, a firetruck, an ambulance, an airplane, a police car, a car, a truck, a digger, and of course...tractors!
James loves all tractors, whether it be farm tractors, diggers, or any sort of construction vehicle.
He also knows all sounds for animals, and has a huge vocabulary. I should have written more down when he was learning words, but it is new words on a daily basis.
The doctor even said that he speaks much more advanced for his age than normal, usually girls speak better, but not James, he talks and talks and talks all day.
He even asked to sleep in the "big bed" that we have in his room (a twin bed), and we have been working on sleeping there for the last 5 days. He's doing great too.
James also loves to look for the moose around our house.
He is also so observant and will point things out all the time.
He is also extremely photogenic, here are some of his two year pictures:

The model pose

Holding the monkey

Love this smile

Does he look 2?!?
I think he looks 5 at least!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Over the Labor Day weekend we did a few things like...

Visit Grandma Lois Manwaring in Pocatello. She was so sweet. We had a great lunch, she loved to snuggle and hold Jack, and even got on the floor to play cars with James. He warmed up to her after she showed a love of cars:)
She had been sick with shingles, but we are glad that she is better now and hope to see her again very soon!

All Manwarings

Grandma Lois with Jack, he is watching her intently

...We went to Franklin to see Grandpa and Grandma Haworth. The Tanner's and McConnon's were also up there, but we unfortunately didn't get any pictures with them.
We watched some football of course, and James is such a boy, he climbed up onto Grandpa's lap to watch with Grandpa all by himself...
Grandpa and James, it was a nail biting game of USU vs Auburn

...Jack got to be held and snuggled by more of his great-grandparents...
Grandpa and Grandma Haworth and Jackman

...James and Mommy went on a four-wheeler ride...
Doesn't James look excited? He kept asking to go on a ride, and he loved it.

...We saw some cows on the ride of course at the barns, fed them some hay, and talked to them in their language...

...and then we talked about how James is in LOVE with all things "tractor" right now and said when Grandpa does his cutting that we'll have to come up. Well, he was cutting hay the next day, but offered to give James a ride right then. How cool is that?! James was in HeAvEn!!
James with his Grandpa Haworth riding a John Deer, he never stopped smiling
Maybe James will be the next farmer in the family?
Thank you Grandpa!

Monday, September 12, 2011

EQC Annual Party

This is late, but in August Equation Consulting hosted their annual summer party. Jack was just two weeks old (exactly like last time with James), we all went sporting our EQC shirts. There was swimming, facepainting, a balloon guy, incredible food, a gelato bar, and the EQC giveaway. Thank you to Rick and the partners for the fantastic party as always. It is such a wonderful company to work for, and I am glad that Nathan is a part of the growing firm.

James hanging out with his buddy Ankit after swimming

James is a lion

Nathan and James with his balloon dog

Playing on a helicopter with his new friend. This just illustrates how little James is, because these two are the same age, and the other boy is not big for his age, James is just little.
And honestly I think it's cute.

Thanks EQC from the Manwaring Family