Friday, September 30, 2011

Jack's Stats: 2 Months

Jackman had his two month appointment not long ago.
He got five shots, poor little thing, after an unsuccessful blood draw to be a participant in a study where those five needle pokes would have been combined and would become only two essentially.
James was the cutest big brother and when the nurse was trying to get the blood draw, James was went over and said as he was trying to push the nurse away from Jackman, "Jack-Jack hurt, Jack-Jack is sad".
I love that.
He never has showed animosity towards his little brother.

Weight: 10.1lbs (20th %tile)
Height: 22.7 inches (50th %tile!)
Head Circ: 15 inches (15th %tile)

Look at that little one grow!
He is giving smiles now too, baby smiles are the best.
So genuine.
I just love him to pieces.