Friday, August 22, 2014

Hill Air Show

The last weekend in June we headed to the AirShow on Hill Air Force Base. 
 I was so excited to be able to go "on base".  
Nathan thought I was weird, but I thought it was neat
 that we could go through the gates that were usually there to keep us out.
 I did not realize how HOT this was going to be, 
how far we'd have to park from the actual festivities,
 and how long we'd be there.  
So once we figured that for as far as we had to walk to get there, 
we were staying for awhile, it was easier to be okay with the heat.

Checking out different jets

Jack and Daddy in the shade of a carrier aircraft

 This one was huge

 The Thunderbirds (Airforce equivilant of the Blue Angels)
also preformed and we were there to see them!  
Wow, what a show, so close, so loud, and James and Jack liked it.
Jonathan...was okay unless they got too close and loud :/
 Sitting and watching the Thunderbirds

 Who doesn't like holding an automatic weapon?

Long trip back to the car, which was
parked right outside the front gates on the 193 road.
My sandals were black,  got so hot,
we had to stop in the shady grass to cool off.
Jack is being funny and watching the ground go by.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Here Fishy Fishy...

Grammies got to stay with us a few extra days after the wedding,
and that was quite fun!  We went to the park, played toys, and...
went to the Living Planet Aquarium.
Not a bad place, glad we went, I bet next time it 
would be better if we also saw a shark movie while there:)
Megalodon jaw!!

Petting stingrays, this was pretty cool.
There were even some small sharks in the tank,
we weren't supposed to pet those, but they 
came right up to the top!

Grammies and the boys
Great picture of all of them!

Taking Lilah to the Bean...

 ...the Bean Museum at BYU in Provo that is! 
This museum is free, and has been closed for renovations
for a while now, so it was finally open again in June!
While my mama was here after the wedding we went down,
picked up Lilah for the afternoon, and checked it out.
Butterfly exhibit.
It's a giant butterfly made out of butterflies
 Everyone by the elephant

 Playing in a kids area

 Upstairs at the Bean Museum

 You can see the head of the giraffe through this
glass wall on the top floor.

 Jonathan being a good sport and along for the ride

Say "aahh" like the hippo!

Overall a pretty good trip, and we love taking Lilah,
she's a cutie and they are great friends!

Tyler and Kell's wedding!

My nephew Tyler married one awesome girl, Mckell Skeen, on June 21. What an honor to be invited to be a part of their special day.  We love you guys!! 

Night before with Grammies and Jack

 James being funny, and the photo bomb from Grammies

 Kell and Tyler after being sealed for time
and all eternity in the Bountiful Utah Temple.

 James and Jack checking out something on the temple grounds

 This cute guy fell asleep 

 Kirstin, Kendra, and Ann

 Julie, Dorothy, Blaine, and John
At the reception, trying to beat the heat in the shade!

 Three kids later, I love this man of mine.
Weddings always make me nostalgic and I think
back to my wedding. 
I think we look pretty good for 8 yrs!
A little tired, but good :)

 Home again after a day of wedding festivities:
Temple sealing, wedding luncheon, then reception!
 My boys with Grammies and Boompa

Me, Mama, and Kirstie