Saturday, January 31, 2009

LifeFlight Clinical

Our school got to go to the Intermountain LifeFlight hanger on Friday. We didn't get to go up, there literally isn't room in the helicopter, and though I would like that job, I think that my motion sickness would be a big problem :(. It was really neat though being able to tour the copters and planes (LifeFlight has airplanes? What?) and then learning how to do emergency pediactric assessments from the LifeFlight peds specialist. Overall a neat experience.

Kendra boarding a LifeFlight airplane

The whole group in front of what was described as the Lambargini of helicoptors

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lying Low for a Little While

Sorry haven't updated in a while, but we've been sticking around town, and forgetting our camera most places. I know, you are thinking "what, they haven't been traveling?", well, we will again, but we are getting back into a routine for school and work. We've also had some fun times with our siblings, and friend's Ryan and Michelle and Tom and Kristie. Here is an update from the last few weeks:

Nathan has started carpooling, so now wakes up at 5:30am everyday to leave by six. The good news is that he leaves work between 4 and 4:30, and then gets to come home! Yeah happy day! That has been nice, and it has definitely helped us go to bed earlier.

Kendra started school again, and has four classes and three clinical rotations, yikes! But only four months to go and then done again, yeah! Taking an OB/Peds class has been interesting because all you talk about in OB are the things that can go wrong, which then led to a panic attack in the middle of class, where I had to ask how many pregnancies are normal just to keep from going crazy. 98% are normal, so I felt much better.

The bean is doing great, and even any feelings sickness I had has now gone down to about zero! Thank you baby, and we've made it to second trimester as of tomorrow (which is my first OB clinical as well, a little ironic). I had the first ultrasound a few weeks ago, and yep, we are growing a little alien. Everything looked healthy and normal:)

That is about our life at the moment. I've included a picture of all the seeds I had in one Clementine yesterday...17! Usually there are 2 at the most, so it was pretty crazy (obviously not too much is going on besides work and school if I'm posting a picture of seeds!!!).

17 seeds! From 1 Clementine!

Also check out this new blog I found, it is sooooo funny!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Idaho Fun

On New Year's Day we went up to Franklin, ID to spend a little time with Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, and Mike and Misty Porter. It sure got cold up there, and the Kezele's (another of Nathan's Aunts and Uncles) came too while we were there. It always seems like someone comes while we visit. So we got to do some fun things, and Mike and Misty got us into rock climbing! Yep, second time we've gone while up there, and it is just getting better, looks like Nathan and I have a new sport! It was lots of fun, LOVE it up there. Good thing we like the snow too:)

We went sledding with the Kezele's and Tate

This is me learning how to belay, I did a good job, and good thing too because Nathan is up there!

We helped chop wood in the riverbottoms, not living up there we thought this was lots of fun, not a chore at all. There is Nathan headed to a dead tree with Lady

So much snow! Tate in the riverbottoms with Lady and Grandpa's Springer Spaniel, Mighty

We also got to watch the Sugar Bowl with Utah vs Alabama with Grandpa Haworth and the Kezele's. Grandpa is a HUGE Ute fan, and we found ourselves cheering for the Utes as they pummelled Alabama. It also sort of vindicated BYU's loss to Utah this year, they really are just that good. After every score Grandpa would get lots of phone calls, he was on cloud nine after they won. It was great for the Mountain West Conference as well, and hey, BYU still gets money for Utah going to a BCS bowl, so it turns out all right in the end:)

Rebekah and Tate, aka Elizabeth Swan and Captain Hook, during the Sugar Bowl, I guess they didn't like watching football as much as the rest of us so they found other ways of entertaining themselves:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's!

So for New Year's Eve we first went with Tom and Kristie out to eat at Olive Garden and then to "The First Night" in downtown SLC. It was lots of fun being with some of our best friends on New Year's! Thanks guys for inviting us:)

Olive Garden , umm, so good.

Then we went to Temple Square to look at the lights. We went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to get warm and watch a live performer, but it ended up being this older man on an accordion. Oh well, the lights were fun though.

Kendra, Nathan, Tom, and Kristie in front of the Temple.

There were neat luminaries all over at Temple Square, this one is highly appropriate for our family.

Happy New Year's!

2009 is here! And what a great year it will be:)