Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, are you kidding me?!?

Snow on Sunday, May 29th, 2011
The weather is so weird this year, cooler, and WET!

Waking up to snow was not a pleasant surprise. And that didn't help the flood warnings around here or in Northern Utah as well. And we had mowed our yard and trimmed the bushes on Saturday! Anyway, moving on to the rest of the weekend...
We actually spoke in church on Sunday on the talk given by Elder Eyring Opportunities to Do Good. The Lord does bless those who are served and who do serve, and there have been tons of opportunities lately to serve our fellow man. I learned more of course by preparing, and it was good to be home for part of the weekend. Sunday after church we drove up to Franklin to spend some quality time on the farm. It was a memorable visit, and we spent the time with Grandpa and Grandma Haworth. There were some old family photos that I started looking at that Grandpa's sister Alice had brought over. Grandma were telling me stories and a who's who from the pictures. I needed paper to write down a quick line, but now I understand! I have a talent for family history, and a desire to know about ancestors. I can clearly see now where James gets his name, stories about him and the old farm, Grandpa's grandpa, and so on. Check this out:
James Haworth---Harriett
Tom Haworth---Blenda
Horace Haworth---Ruby
Robert (Bob) Haworth---Henriette
Kathy Haworth---Alan Manwaring
Nathan Manwaring---Kendra
So James is seven generations from the founder of the farm, James Haworth, and three generations from Grandpa Haworth where he gets his middle name. Grandpa and Grandma took us then on Monday to the cemetery to see the Haworth plot. After looking at all the pictures the night before, and understanding the line, it meant so much more to us. These were now real people with faces and stories that we could match to the headstones. We've known many of the stories already, but this trip really meant something concerning our ancestors.

Daddy showing James his great-great-great-great grandpa's James Haworth's headstone
The other thing that James LOVED were the cows! He really likes farm animals at the moment. On Sunday when we were putting him to bed I said that we could see the cows in the morning with Grandpa in the barn since we didn't see them on Sunday. He woke up really early the next morning, crying to go outside and see cows! And he kept mooing, then crying cows.
He didn't care at all that it was cold or anything, he just wanted to see them.
So Nathan took him out on the four wheeler to the barn, through the muck, for maybe an hour to see the cows. As soon as they walked back in the door, James cried for the cows again.
What a cute and silly little boy.
So we went out again.

Going out to the barn on the four wheeler

Grandpa feeding with James and Mommy looking at the cows

James eyein' the cows while Mommy smiles for the camera

Grandpa and Grandma were as always great hosts, and we really loved seeing them. Thank you for the legacy to live up to, and for sharing stories and pictures with us!

A Quick Trip to Colorado

Monday May 23rd I left with James to make a quick trip to Colorado. It was to pick up an awesome Little Tikes slide and sandbox that I had when I was little, and to see the family before the new baby is born. It was also going to be an intense training week for Nathan so he wouldn't be around at all, and James is a really good traveler right now, so why not right? And if something should happen and we cannot go to Colorado at the end of June, I wanted to go again while I just still had only James.
The time was spent seeing my Mom and Dad, Russell and Mina Colman, Grams, and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol.
We got to go over and spend time with Kyle and Carol one night and watched the finale to The Biggest Loser which was very interesting. I've never watched that show, but the finale was great to see the before and afters.

Grandpa Colman and James and Mom

Grandpa and James

Seeing Cinnamon, our really old horsey

Sitting up on Cinnamon while she enjoyed her dinner

I love this picture, James and Uncle Kyle

James and his Grammies playing at the school

Though it was quick, it was fun to see everyone. Thank you bunches!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Manwaring Family Reunion

Okay, finally getting to this post! Warning, this is a long one.

May 11-16 we were able to go to the Manwaring Family Reunion in Las Vegas. It was so much fun getting everyone all together. The first day we went to a splash pad. Even Vegas was cooler than normal, so getting wet the kiddos would get cold. We warmed up by playing frisbee and That night we played volleyball all together. That had a funny story. Poor Richard was hit right in the gut with the volleyball, and got the wind knocked out of him. What was funny was when Mom was asking if he was going to throw up, Dad "clicked" the camera. Everyone was laughing. The very next serve Nathan accidentally pegged Richard in the back of the head, and all the girls hit the ground in hysterics, everyone was really laughing (except Richard, I am still so sorry that this was at your expense), and I did end up peeing my pants because a) I laughed so hard and b) the baby is sitting on my bladder, what could I do?

My cute wet boys

Robert and Ryan saying cheese

Jamers all wrapped up to get warm with Daddy and Mommy

Karissa and Mom

Richard making a funny face

The second day we all went to see the lions being fed at the MGM grand. Turns out we had the wrong time for the feeding, but I still liked going to see them. Then we went to M&M world to see this movie. The movie was alright, it was only about 10 minutes, and this girl threw up on my leg while we were in line! Good thing that I was at the end of our family, if she had been in the middle of the family, or if I had been wearing something else besides flipflops and shorts, I probably would have had to leave due to the grossness of it all. Luckily I was able to wash it off and go on with our time. And really, what can you do besides just laugh. We also played games and had the MGM (Manwaring Garr Martin) talent show. We had some great talents and laughs too. Games included pool, card games like low life scum and Texas Holdem', playing in the dirt and with balls, playing games on the iPad, I played chase outside with the kids on the putting green, and of course "Barbies". Nathan brought bikes and was able to do a few bike rides (one with Jenn!) and runs too.

Walking on the strip with everyone

Elisa on Cory, James on Kendra, and Lydia on Richard waiting to see the lions be fed.

James and Mommy at the lion exhibit

Grandpa and Grandma with all the grandkids with Red the M&M. The sun was in everyone's eyes so not one kid wanted to look at the camera. This picture is just too cute and real.

Nicole got a bullseye on her first dart throw! Way to go!

Nathan being an awesome uncle and playing barbies with the girls

Everyone playing low life scum

Cory being an awesome uncle to play rough with Kaylee, Ryan, and James jumping all over him.

Texas Holdem'. I stayed in for a long time, almost the end. The last three were myself, Nicole, and Cory. Nicole ended up winning, and Nathan was a great dealer.

James and Daddy playing pool

Cousins all digging in the sand

Playing chase, Nathan was base
James, Nathan, Kaylee, Kayla, and Elisa

We also got to learn about the family more, where the Manwaring family names comes from, and we all got reunion T-shirts. "Foremost if I can" is the family saying from the history.
All the food was fantastic, with a huge thanks to Mom and Dad for doing all of that. I liked that there was a plan, and then each smaller family took a meal to get ready and then a clean up time. That made things run smoothly.
On Sunday we all went to Cory and Karissa's ward. Monday it was time to go home, and it was the day the pool was finally fixed! We were able to stay a little longer because the pool heater had been broken the whole time and all the kids went swimming.

Matching T-Shirt picture with the family crest on the front and our names on the back

All the cousins waiting to take turns using the iPad

Ryan and James with "floaties" on their arms

James warming in the sun with Daddy

A big shout out to Mom and Dad Manwaring. Thank you so very much for wanting to do a trip, and to each and everyone who came and sacrificed their time to be able to be together.
Loves to all and hopefully we'll see many of you again soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy :) and Sad :(

For Family Home Evening a few weeks ago we were teaching James about being happy and sad.
We taught him that smiling is for happy, and frowning is for being sad.
Well, now he loves to make the frowning face after his bath in the mirror. Then we tell him happy, and he'll laugh and smile, then go back to frowning.

Frowning faces with Daddy

What a funny little kid :)

5 Years!!

Holy Moly. It has been 5 whole years since Nathan and I were sealed in the Denver Temple for time and all eternity on May 6th, 2006! I can't believe it. The time has flown by, and at other times I can't remember my life before him. It might sound cliche, but I truly did marry my best friend.
May 6, 2006

On May 6th, 2011 I awoke to this great note on my bedroom door.
If you've seen the movie Despicable Me, it is a quote from that. And then I found this on our kitchen table.
He really is so fluffy!! James liked it too, and when he woke up and saw it he talked to it, pointed a lot, and then started growling. Hahahaha! He was right, it is a bear!

This year we had our niece Kira watch James, and even put him to bed for us so that we could have a long date. That worked out well, and we got to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The wait though was about an hour for two people, we ordered take out instead. So we took the food and ate it by the movie theater.

We saw Fast Five, yes we are dorks. Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were both in it, and both are favorite actors of ours. They aren't the best actors, we just like them. At one part at the end Nathan just started laughing, I asked why, and he said "this is such a dude kind of movie". A lot of action scenes that defeat the laws of physics, and it's a fast car movie with a heist in it. I really like those kind, and actually I chose it. Anyway, it was fun. Thank you Nathan for the best five years of my life so far. Here's to many more!

It's been 5 years since we were we :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

A "Friend"-ly Visit

Our good, good friends Matt and Aubriegh Parks came to visit last weekend. We talked a lot, played a lot, and grilled steaks. Our little boys are having more and more fun together the bigger they get. Though we don't get to see them as often as when we lived in Provo, we are still just as close. Thanks for coming guys, love ya!!

Quinn pushing James, I think they both liked this arrangement

Bathtime buddies :)

Ken and Aub

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Weekend!!!

Jenn singing

Easter weekend was also BYU graduation weekend, and it was packed full. On Friday Nathan, James, and I went to Provo to support Cory, Jenn, and Bryan as they graduated from BYU. Jenn did a fantastic job by the way singing during commencement, that was the highlight. We enjoyed a lovely celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory after the ceremony thanks to Mom and Dad Manwaring. You really can't order anything that isn't delish from that place. Friday night we spent the night with Grandma Hiller and enjoyed watching basketball and talking with her.

Karissa, Jenn, and Nathan, all BYU Grads!

Saturday we went back down to Provo, where Kristie and I hung out with the kids while Tom and Nathan went out on a bike ride to continue training for their half-ironman in June. It was rainy and cold, but we still had an egg hunt for Lilah and James in their living room with hard boiled dyed eggs. Once James got the hang of what was happening, he really enjoyed finding those eggs. Lilah was content for awhile with her brightly dyed pink egg.
After our egg hunt with the McConnons, we had a dinner with Cory's family and the new BYU grads and Mom and Dad Manwaring. Though it was a quick trip, it was fun to visit and make memories, and just be together as a family!

James searching for the eggs

Easter morning we attended church, and helped with a special musical number in sacrament. The ward "choir" wasn't very big, and we were reduced to a musical number, but we did it! After church we had dinner with my older sister's family the Kutterer's in Clearfield. James' only cousins on my side are older than him, and Tanner (almost 12) loved making a little candy egg hunt for him.
Even with the big age gap, they have a very special bond.

James with his arm around Tanner

Piggy back rides

James and Daddy reading a new bunny book

We enjoyed trying to teach James about Jesus on Easter, and we know that it is a very important responsibility we have to teach him about our savior. I think he is getting it, and he even said his first prayer that week!

Daddy, James, and Mommy on Easter

Jenn and Bryan came and visited us the day after Easter before they left Utah for AZ. We had a good time talking and then finding a yummy new Thai place for dinner.

It was so nice of them to make the trip up here, we love it when family visits! (so there is an open invitation 24/7 to anyone who wants to stop by)

James learned to hit his Uncle Bryan in the head with the ball, he loves you Bryan!

Now wasn't that a packed few days?!