Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Quick Trip to Colorado

Monday May 23rd I left with James to make a quick trip to Colorado. It was to pick up an awesome Little Tikes slide and sandbox that I had when I was little, and to see the family before the new baby is born. It was also going to be an intense training week for Nathan so he wouldn't be around at all, and James is a really good traveler right now, so why not right? And if something should happen and we cannot go to Colorado at the end of June, I wanted to go again while I just still had only James.
The time was spent seeing my Mom and Dad, Russell and Mina Colman, Grams, and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol.
We got to go over and spend time with Kyle and Carol one night and watched the finale to The Biggest Loser which was very interesting. I've never watched that show, but the finale was great to see the before and afters.

Grandpa Colman and James and Mom

Grandpa and James

Seeing Cinnamon, our really old horsey

Sitting up on Cinnamon while she enjoyed her dinner

I love this picture, James and Uncle Kyle

James and his Grammies playing at the school

Though it was quick, it was fun to see everyone. Thank you bunches!