Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, are you kidding me?!?

Snow on Sunday, May 29th, 2011
The weather is so weird this year, cooler, and WET!

Waking up to snow was not a pleasant surprise. And that didn't help the flood warnings around here or in Northern Utah as well. And we had mowed our yard and trimmed the bushes on Saturday! Anyway, moving on to the rest of the weekend...
We actually spoke in church on Sunday on the talk given by Elder Eyring Opportunities to Do Good. The Lord does bless those who are served and who do serve, and there have been tons of opportunities lately to serve our fellow man. I learned more of course by preparing, and it was good to be home for part of the weekend. Sunday after church we drove up to Franklin to spend some quality time on the farm. It was a memorable visit, and we spent the time with Grandpa and Grandma Haworth. There were some old family photos that I started looking at that Grandpa's sister Alice had brought over. Grandma were telling me stories and a who's who from the pictures. I needed paper to write down a quick line, but now I understand! I have a talent for family history, and a desire to know about ancestors. I can clearly see now where James gets his name, stories about him and the old farm, Grandpa's grandpa, and so on. Check this out:
James Haworth---Harriett
Tom Haworth---Blenda
Horace Haworth---Ruby
Robert (Bob) Haworth---Henriette
Kathy Haworth---Alan Manwaring
Nathan Manwaring---Kendra
So James is seven generations from the founder of the farm, James Haworth, and three generations from Grandpa Haworth where he gets his middle name. Grandpa and Grandma took us then on Monday to the cemetery to see the Haworth plot. After looking at all the pictures the night before, and understanding the line, it meant so much more to us. These were now real people with faces and stories that we could match to the headstones. We've known many of the stories already, but this trip really meant something concerning our ancestors.

Daddy showing James his great-great-great-great grandpa's James Haworth's headstone
The other thing that James LOVED were the cows! He really likes farm animals at the moment. On Sunday when we were putting him to bed I said that we could see the cows in the morning with Grandpa in the barn since we didn't see them on Sunday. He woke up really early the next morning, crying to go outside and see cows! And he kept mooing, then crying cows.
He didn't care at all that it was cold or anything, he just wanted to see them.
So Nathan took him out on the four wheeler to the barn, through the muck, for maybe an hour to see the cows. As soon as they walked back in the door, James cried for the cows again.
What a cute and silly little boy.
So we went out again.

Going out to the barn on the four wheeler

Grandpa feeding with James and Mommy looking at the cows

James eyein' the cows while Mommy smiles for the camera

Grandpa and Grandma were as always great hosts, and we really loved seeing them. Thank you for the legacy to live up to, and for sharing stories and pictures with us!