Monday, June 6, 2011

Salem SpRiNg Triathlon

Nathan decided on a whim to do a triathlon this weekend in Salem, UT. It's the Salem Spring Tri, and he's done it before, likes the course, and it was a good workout in preparation for the Boise Half Ironman next weekend. Tom decided to do it to, so Friday night we drove to Provo to crash at the McConnon's place so the two boys could go to Salem in the morning. Kristie and I then went a little later with the babies to show our support. It was a sprint triathlon, which is 750m swim, 13.1 mile bike, and a 5k run. Kristie and I witnessed a pretty bad crash while watching the bike portion. I was a bit scared for our boys because there were spectators that didn't get the concept of staying off the course. The boys did great though, and all their training is paying off. I was really proud of how Nathan finished too, check it out:

Nathan won his age division! The picture is a little inacurate and the second place guy was actually in another age group, so he beat the next guy by six minutes. That is pretty good. He even got a trophy with a "spring" on it. He loves that thing, and said he has never gotten a trophy for an athletic event, ever. Nathan has said he wanted to win a race sometime in his life, but thought that he'd have to go to some really remote race. He didn't, and we are so proud of his hard work! Way to go honey!

Jamers and Daddy after his race

Tom and Nathan after the race.
They aren't dying, and feel pretty good. A good sign for next the half.

Finishing the run strong

On top of the podium with his trophy

Daddy the awesome triathlete, Mommy and James holding the spring trophy

Thank you McConnons for letting is stay with you, and for being fun friends. And for the yummy cauliflower mac-and-cheese. Not going to lie that I was very skeptical, but now I need the recipe! See you next week!


The Manwarings said...

Way to go Nathan! That is so awesome! We are proud of you, good luck this weekend!! Love and miss you guys!

Kathy said...

You are incredible Nathan! Way to win the race! We are so proud of you! We wish we could have been there to cheer you on. We love you guys!