Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Scrape

Poor little James, this is his first scrape really, and it happens to be on his nose :( He tripped in the driveway, and we thought it was just his forehead that had a goose-egg bump until the next day when we saw his poor nose.
And if you look closely, his bottom lip is fat and black and blue too.

James pointing to the "owie" on his nose

Forehead with a bruise, nose with a scrape, lip swollen and black and blue.

What was a little funny was the next day at story time at the library, three other kids had this EXACT same sort of scrape, I guess it is a common thing for kids this age to do.
That made me feel better and that this sort of thing happens a lot.
It is part of growing up.
Which also makes me sad that he is growing up, but this a fun stage so we shall enjoy it.