Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 25 Nathan!!

Tuesday was Nathan's 25th Birthday!!! I love him so much, and hope that he had a great day. Kirstin came over during the day and was such a help cleaning our whole place and making cupcakes and muffins for everyone that came over that night. I couldn't have done it without you, thanks Kirst!

Thanks to Kirstin, everything was ready for the party that night, including cleaning, decorating, and cupcake creating!

Then we had all the family around over for cupcakes and homemade pizza. Nathan's request, he loves homemade pizza now, and I didn't realize we'd need so many, they were gobbled up fast!

Cory, Jason, and Nicole, waiting for the pizza to bake

Getting ready to blow out the candles...

Kirstin, Nathan, Tom, Kristie, Jenn, and Cory getting some dessert in the kitchen.

I love you more than anything Nathan, and I hope that you had a wonderful birthday :) Some of his presents included new running shoes, a Garmin heart monitor/pod thing for running, and he is still deciding on a triathlon top. Happy Birthday!!

Time with Fam

We went to the temple with the Kutterer's: Mike, Ann, Tyler, and Kira, and it is always special to be able to go, but even more special when it is with family. Afterwards we went out to eat at Red Robin for Nathan's birthday. Thank you guys for the fabulous meal and time together!

My sister Ann, and niece Kira and I at Red Robin for lunch

Everyone outside after Nathan's birthday lunch, thanks again guys!

I must also mention that Mike has been working hard to lower his cholesterol level, weight, and prediabetic risks, and I cannot believe the results! He looks fantastic, and has lowered his weight, blood glucose levels, and even cholesterol by over 100 pts! What is even better is that he did it all with just diet and exercise!!!!! His doctor didn't even believe that was all he'd done. They both look wonderful, and we are so happy for them for their results from hard work. Awesome job guys!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Steal of a Deal!!!

Today at work there was this stroller and carseat set, and I loved it! It also looked brand new, never used! I asked to put my name on it, and my boss said okay, if the person was willing to sell it for as much as my boss would give him (I work at Kid to Kid, and people bring in things to sell, which then Kid to Kid resells). Well, the person was not willing to part with it for the price offered, and I was devastated, I had finally found the one I wanted. I overheard the guy talking though, and he was going to list it on KSL later. As soon as I got home from work I looked, and low and behold, it was listed, but for even cheaper than I would have been able to buy it for at work. We called them, and fifteen minutes later, we were the proud owners of a carseat and stroller, for a great price, about half what we could get it new online. It looks new, and the people hardly used it, maybe the stroller was taken out once. It pays to shop around and wait for the deal you want! This is seriously the best deal I've seen, and we've been shoping around for awhile.

A gender neutral green and blue plaid design, looks brand new out of the box. I don't believe that it was used by the people we bought it from. Not a scratch on it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Franklin Farm

This weekend we went up to the farm to visit, Mike, Misty, Tate, and Taylee, and Grandpa and Grandma too. On Friday though I felt as though I was getting sick, my neck muscles were achy, but I attributed that to working out on Thursday. Well, by Friday night I had the same sore throat that Nathan had last week, and I couldn't breathe through my nose again, and I was just achy all over. The infection went back to my sinuses, and I now have my second sinus infection within three weeks. No fun! Needless to say, we did have some fun, but also a more relaxing time this time up there instead of doing many of the outdoor things we love. Tate was so excited for us to have a "sleepover" at his house! Being around him makes me more excited to have a little boy. Thank you guys for the great weekend, love you and see you again soon!

Mike giving Taylee a sip of smoothie. She wants to eat solids so badly like everyone else, he couldn't resist letting her taste, and she loved it!

Nathan and Taylee, I couldn't find Nathan for awhile, but when I did he had gotten Taylee by himself and was just playing with her. It was quite adorable, and she cooed and smiled lots for him.

Tate as Batman! I didn't realize that little boys like to get into costumes as much as girls, I'll learn quickly though!

The picture that Tate drew for us, of us. See my blonde hair, and Nathan is wearing a tie with his white shirt. He wanted a copy of the picture for himself, so he drew it again! This is now proudly displayed on our fridge for a while.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ultrasound and 20 week belly

Okay, so we had and ultrasound on Friday that Nathan was able to go to as well, and we are having a....


....with a foot and leg (2 of each!)....

...a small footprint....

... and arms...

...and it's a boy!

20 week belly shot

Halfway there! Everything looks normal and healthy. Baby is really inside, and is actually 2 ounces bigger than average for this far along. Weight training might have something to do with that during the first part of pregnancy, but it does not correlate with higher birth weight babies, they just develop faster during the first part of the pregnancy. Thanks to all of those who wrote guesses!

Monday, March 9, 2009


So we get to see if it is a boy or girl this week, anyone have guesses? The wait is almost over!!!!

Friday Night Dinner and a Movie

This last Friday we got together with Kristie and Tom, and made homemade pizzas! So good, they are becoming one of Nathan's favorite foods interestingly enough. They are so much fun and we are very blessed to be such good friends with them.

Homemade pizza before baking

Finished product going fast

After dinner we decided to check out the dollar theater. I think that we try this often, and the lines are always so long, that it is ridiculous. So we went to Hollywood Video (we don't understand how they are still in business), and for awhile had the whole store to ourselves as we perused the isles looking for a good show. Redboxes around here are always picked over, especially on a Friday night, so by splitting the cost of the rental, it was about as much as the dollar theater would have been, but you get the privacy of getting into pj's in your own home to watch at movie. We decided upon the new release of Ghost Town, and I must say, I haven't laughed that hard out loud in a movie in a really long time, maybe never.

The movie did make me cry, and it was hilarious, especially when the nurse was asking him questions as he is going in for a routine procedure. I've had to do that, but I've never had anyone as uncooperative as him. Then his description of the result of the laxatives he had to take had me rolling on the ground with tears coming out my eyes. As he is being wheeled back for his procedure, the conversation between the nurse and the surgeon is quite like a real one that I've seen, unprofessional and it is an "are you kidding me" moment. Anyway, I loved it and recommend it. Thanks Tom and Kristie for the fun times, love you guys!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


We went on a fun hike last weekend with Jenn and Lady, up a different area than last time, but still fun. We went up to Timpanogos Reading Park, and even spotted a deer in the brush. Last time we did Lady was off and running, but this time she was content to stay near us. It was getting so muddy at times that we left the trail and just went straight up! Thanks Jenn for going with us, it is nice to get out of the house sometimes!

Kendra, Nathan, and Lady near the top, it was actually quite warm (maybe because we were moving). Lady is posing well for camera's now too!

Nathan and Jenn going down the trail

Check out this interesting site. We've never seen so many ladybugs congregated in one spot before, especially since it is still winter here. There were tons, and good eagle eye Nathan for spotting them!

Nursing Take Home Message!!

So at my weekly adult clinicals I see all sorts of patients, and I would love to share some crazy stories, but alas, due to HIPPA I cannot, at least not on the blog anyway, but I do have some HUGE (no pun intended:) ) advice that I've learned from my patient's so far, and my BS degree from BYU has really helped to nail it down as well....

......whatever you do in life, DO NOT BECOME OBESE!!!!!!! I cannot elaborate, but problems compounded by more and more problems come from being over weight and obese. Just trust me on this one!