Friday, September 30, 2011

Got Milk?

Saying that I do is an understatement.

Extra milk for one day

Extra another day. Each of those bags has about 8oz.

This is the EXTRA, after Jackman has eaten for a 24 hour period.
He can breastfeed and take a bottle of breast milk, and I still make tons extra.
I'm working on freezing a year's supply (I know, crazy huh).
And my application to be a donor to NICU babies is currently being processed.

First I've donated hair, now milk.


Kate said...

holy cow!!! Literally?! :) That's a lot of milk. You are a lucky mama to not have to worry about providing for your baby! I still have to work on stuffing myself full of calories every day and drinking more water than I ever want to just so I can keep my supply up!! Have you had success nursing this time around?

Kendra said...

I have had success this time! He can nurse or take a bottle which has been really nice. So I do the bottle every other time. I do like it, but he takes forever, so the bottle is nice if I need to get things done as well. Do you need some milk? If you didn't think it weird and you wanted some I wouldn't mind a bit giving you some.

Jo said...

Good work momma!! To your friend tell her to try pineapple juice. It super helps your milk come in big time.

Kate said...

I'm glad to hear that it's gone easier this time around! Nursing can take a long time, so I hear you on the bottle. Kota is a speedy nurser so I'm lucky that way. He's done in 5-6 minutes and has been that way since about six weeks. I appreciate the offer for milk, because I so prefer breastmilk over formula, but I'm doing okay for now... just have to make sure I'm constantly eating and drinking enough to keep it up. Kota still wakes and eats 1-2 times at night and even though I'd love to sleep through, I feel like it's kind of keeping my supply up for now, so I'm going with it.

Thanks for the tip on pineapple juice! I took fenugreek for a couple weeks and that seemed to help. Part of my issue is dealing with monthly hormonal changes, which always causes a supply dip that can't really be avoided. I just hope we can make it to a year this time!