Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Cousin Times

Kira and Tanner came up again (together this time), and had stayed overnight. James loves his cousins. Now when I say we'll be seeing them that day, if the door opens for anything, he thinks they are here and runs and yells their names. It melts my heart.
Anyway, we decided to sleep in a tent that night because they've never been camping with their family! And Kira had never set up a tent! We had to remedy that. Nathan ended up having to work a lot that night, so I helped them set it up in our neighbors yard since our sod is still in the don't-walk-on phase, and then slept with them until about 3:00 am, when I had slept wrong on my arm and I needed to go to the bathroom. It didn't help that our other neighbor's sprinklers woke us up, and I was so thankful that I had put on the rain guard. At least none of us got wet! Nathan took the second shift sleeping in the tent until morning. We opted to get some sleep so James slept in his own bed that night.

Tanner, James and Kira in the morning with the tent.
And James was not liking having his picture taken, he just wanted to play with his truck and tractor. Poor kid needed to catch up on some sleep!
The next day was hot (at least for Utah), so I decided to take all the kids to a FREE splash pad that I just found out about in South Ogden. It happens to be right next to our gym, and it's awesome! We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed the water and the playground. James was a little apprehensive going into the water, but we got him to like it. His favorite was the slide though on the playground.

Splash Pad fun.

Thanks Kira and Tanner for staying the night with us! We love you guys :)