Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HaPpY 4tH oF JuLy!!!!

I think that Independence Day is one of my favorites, and now that James understands fireworks a bit more, it is getting even better. Saturday we walked over to Jeremy and Nicole's and enjoyed a big BBQ that they hosted. They invited co-workers, neighbors, and some of their family too. A nice mix of people came.
James really took to Nathan's co-worker from India, Ankit. He wanted Ankit to hold him through all the fireworks.
Then that night we set off fireworks. We had some we had just gotten while driving through Wyoming. The laws have changed in Utah, and now aerial fireworks up to 150' are allowed. Even the fire marshal drove by, and we had our neighbor who's a fireman here. We had some great fireworks!

Some of our fireworks, James with Ankit, and some of the spectators

On the July 4th we went to the Morgan parade and fair. The parade was like Halloween, so much candy was thrown. James enjoyed all the games for kids at the fair. And for only $3 you got a punch pass and could do all the little games.
$3 for a fair, can't beat that!

After naps that afternoon, which James slept for four hours, and I still had to wake him up (obviously we are bad parents and had been keeping him up late a few nights in a row to either see or do fireworks), we went to the Clearfield fireworks show (where we again kept James up late, but we got smarter and brought his pj's and had him ready for bed as soon as we started to drive back home). The Kutterer's had saved great seats so we were pretty close I thought.
I thought of the 4th of July in 1776, and the months after, and how scary it must have been to be on the home front during a war, especially against a professional army.
I thought of my own grandparents who fought in wars, and how brave their actions were.
Then I thought of our military forces today who still fight for our freedoms.
I am grateful for those long ago, and for those who are still fighting.