Sunday, July 3, 2011

It is now a tradition... hike Y mountain while pregnant.
I had my nephew Tanner stay with us two weeks ago for a few days. He is such a great kid, love him to pieces. I had to go to Provo anyway for my monthly chiropractic appointment (I swear by those, it has helped me so much, I'll probably never stop, anyway), so I talked to Kirstin, and we decided to hike the Y. I did this when I was pregnant with James too. Now it is a tradition, every time I'm pregnant, our unborn child will hike the Y, instilling in them cougar pride, or something like that. Thanks to Kirstin and Tanner who carried James in the new hiking backpack up. At the Y we had a picnic lunch, James liked all the "white rocks", then we started down. James did NOT want to go back into the backpack, but instead wanted to hold Tanner's hand the WHOLE WAY DOWN. I am not kidding. Our 22 month old hiked the whole way down the Y. We even passed another mom who was carrying her child in a hiking backpack. When she saw James she was astounded and asked how old he was. When I told her he was 22 months she said "What?!? Mine is 3 1/2 years old!?! He is doing awesome!!"
I think so too :)


Kate said...

That's awesome! We tried to hike with Hannah this past weekend and she hated the backpack thing AND hated walking. SIGH. Although, she was sick, so that probably is part of it. I'm impressed that you and James both did so well! And it looks like you figured out how to make Picasa collages!? Nice work!