Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evolution of a Yard

We have been busy this month putting in our back and side yard! We hired a guy do the sprinklers, grating, and concrete curbing. Then we laid the sod. Wow. That was a lot harder than I thought, and I didn't even do much. I just cut pieces along the edging and rolled some out. I did try to lift one, and it was so heavy. I wish I could have done more to help.

Back and side yards before work began

Bringing in dirt and grading the yard. James LoVeS tractors, dump trucks, and such, so he was in heaven watching.

On one of the days the workers had gotten to a late start, so I told the guy Zach who was working on our yard that James had been waiting all day to watch the "tractor", or bobcat, move dirt. He said, "Well, if he's been waiting all day, why don't you take him for a ride in it?" It turns out I got drive the bobcat while James rode with me! It was lots of fun for both the mommy and the Jamers. We went around the block and picked up his buddy Cole, who is just a year older and they are the best of buds, and I took them both for a ride. Seriously heaven for these little boys.

After the yard has been graded, the concrete curbing has been added around the whole house, and now we are laying sod.

We were able to bribe a few of our neighbors with pizza and frozen treats to come and help us lay the sod. The yard ended up needing eight pallets of sod to lay! Holy cow! Our niece Kira also came up for a few days, and we put her to work. She was a great helper, and did a lot.

Mommy and James after helping to lay the sod, what a big job! Gotta love the dirt all over us too :)

Now the developers are putting in a side fence, so once that is done we'll be good to go.
And I'll add the complete "after" pictures.
Stay tuned!


Jo said...

Hey. You figured out your pictures! I only saw that the other day on my blog...sorry!