Friday, August 12, 2011

King James

At the Morgan County fair they have a cutest baby contest.
I entered both boys since there were different age group categories.
Jackman was cute, and was the smallest and youngest, but couldn't talk much to the judges.
Tiny little Jackman

James however took the cake!
He had to talk to the judges, and of course starting getting shy/being a pill when it was his turn.
Lucky for us Grandma saw the situation and ran in, picked him up, and got him to tell the judges about the sounds that not only all sorts of animals make, but vehicles too (with tractors in there of course). His most unusual sound is what a helicopter makes. He does a really good job of making that sound! I think that won the judges over (and because seriously he is so cute).
They announced the winners later that day.
Nathan took him back up on stage where they named him "sound man" and cutest baby boy and "King" of the 18-24 month olds!

Yes, King James is the cutest:)
He won free pictures with Embrace Photography and a farm see-and-say toy.

This was the only picture I got though of him at the contest:
Thank you to Grandma who saved the day and contest,
or this is what the judges would have remembered!


John said...

Cute pictures, I love that James won the contest with his amazing sounds! I'm trying to find your new address, can you send it to me?

John said...

John said... is really Victoria!

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

He definitely is one cute boy! It was fun to see you guys last weekend. Even if it was just for a few minutes. You all look great!