Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carver's Cove Petting Zoo

Some friends up in Mountain Green, Holly Wood and her kiddos Trevor and Lucy, and James, Jack and I set off on an adventure to find this Carver's Cove Petting Zoo I had heard about.
It is in Eden, just over Trapper's Loop by the Pineview Reservoir. It was the first time I took James and Jack somewhere by myself, and it was a success! Jackman slept most of the time, and had a bottle, and James loved the animals, and was so good for me! He learned how to hold out his hand flat to feed the goats, donkeys, ponies, and sheep. Then James got to have a ride on a horse, and he didn't even need me to hold on to him, he did it all by himself. Wow! It was good to get out of the house and fun with my little boys. Thank you Holly for going with me!

James feeding goats, check out that flat hand he's holding for the goat!

James riding the horse...all by himself too!

Checking out the Moo Cows

Riding on a tractor!
Grammies gave James a "baby tractor" just like this one, and James was in Heaven

James feeding the baby goat