Monday, July 29, 2013

July Happenings

July was jam packed.  Here are some shots of fun times when we were just at home in the summertime:)
 James and Daddy making silly faces, and James climbed into the 
baby hiking carrier, which just added to the silliness!

 Now both boys are in/on the baby carrier!

 Some of the ladies in the neighborhood organized a day to go to the beach at Pineview Reservoir
Jack enjoyed some string cheese

 And he really liked the beach....

 ....while James had a blast in the water with any friend who'd play.
He even got on a floating thing you lay on and started "swimming"
aka kicking and was going farther from shore, then I had to swim in after him 
and pull him back.  He got a little scared and decided that was a very bad idea.
Always had the lifevest on though so no freaking out.

 Going to help make cookies with Grandma

 Roll it, and pat it, and cut out with a star

 They like to hold hands in the car

 James is really into catching butterflies or moths.
Here he is showing me a moth he caught in the grass.

 They love umbrellas!!

 Grandma gave them her umbrella's from the car, 
I don't know if she'll be getting those back anytime soon, or ever really :)

 Uncle Jason and Aunt Nicole came up for dinner and games.
Jack insisted that Jason read their bedtime stories that night.

 Nathan and I got to go to Cheesecake Factory with 
besties Aubreigh and Matt 

That is Jack, on the potty!
He's been wanting to try sometimes, I'm not pushing it,
but if he wants to I'll help him out as much as he wants.


Jennifer said...

Cute! I love the picture of Jack straight-faced with string cheese hanging out of his mouth :)