Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Reunion

 Over Father's Day weekend we attended for the first time the Rondo and Lois Manwaring Family Reunion (Nathan's grandparents from his Dad's side).  It was in Hurricane, UT, and we were lucky enough to be able to rent a "villa" at the Sand Hollow Resort for all of our immediate family too.  It was quite fun, games, catching up with cousins, family history lesson, singing time, and of course great food! The reunion part was held on a homestead belonging to one of Nathan's aunt's family, Helen Manwaring.  It was a fun place, with some farm animals, a place big enough for the kids to run around, and they even had pecan trees, so James and Jack joined the cousins in cracking nuts on the driveway with rocks like monkeys.  Then we could enjoy some fresh pecans, quite tasty I might add. 

Clockwise starting top left: James and Kayla(3) at the homestead; James checking out the cows; James on the riding tractor; Grandma with cute cousins Jack, Kayla, Elisa, and James; and Daddy with Jack on an ATV.

 Lining up for the egg toss.
Nathan and I won!  But the egg did break over me and it got in my hair,
 it was kinda funny, and we went to a water park afterwards so it was washed out soon after.

 Clockwise starting at top left: Jack running a race; James in his running race; James found a tricycle; cute Jack; Alan, Brian, Gayle, and Danelle singing with Renee playing piano for some song learning.

 Cute brothers after a day of swimming!

Playing at the homestead

 My joys

The next morning was church and Father's Day!
 Nathan with his boys

 Richard and Rachelle and their kiddo's 

 3 generations, the Manwaring name will keep on going through this line

 Nathan and Alan, I think they look an awful lot alike

Nathan, Alan, and Richard, his 2nd and 4th boy

After having a tasty lunch, we headed back home, 
and we got to take Richard's girls with us for the week!
Bring on the madness!


Jennifer said...

The reunion looked so fun! We wish we could have been there, but at least we get to see everybody at Christmas!