Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4tH of JuLy!!

I told James a few months ago that on the 4th of July there is a parade with firetrucks, police cars, tractors, a marching band, old cool cars, motorcycles, horses, and they throw candy out.  I think the only part of that he heard was "throw candy" and seriously since the middle of June he asked anytime we went anywhere if this is where they were going to throw candy at us. Well, then I got wind that the Morgan parade had been cancelled due to lack of volunteers for planning.  Aaahhh!!  Not acceptable to a mommy whose cute kid was asking all the time about a parade with candy!  So, plan b) was to get up to Lewiston(by Franklin) by 9am to see that parade with family.  That's also hard with little ones to get up and going and get there by that time.  Thankfully, about a week before the 4th, the parade was back on in Morgan!  We went to the same spot as we did last year, and we found our friend's again the Campbell's holding the fort down on now "our" spot!  
Beck is one of James' best buddies, it was great to see these two together.
 Beck and James waiting for the candy to be tossed at them

Beck, Ingrid, and James wowed by the big firetruck. 

 Jack's perch during the parade.
He does not like to be hot, and so this parade wasn't as much fun to him,
candy or not. He just kept saying he was hot.
After the parade our cute family headed up to Franklin and we spent the evening with
Mike, Misty, Tate, Taylee, and Ty.
 When we got up there they were riding horses.
I was so excited to take both the boys riding!!!
It is one of my favorite activities, and both James and Jack loved it.
It was their first time on a full size horse riding with a saddle, and mommy, and not in a coral.
Jack liked it!  Which is saying something because at first he didn't want to even pet the horses.
I'm on Dolly, and Tate is on Cookie behind me. It was Tate's first time riding Cookie, which is also a big deal because Cookie was just broken this summer.
 Having fun with mommy 

 We watched the fireworks that night in Lewiston from the back of Mike's truck. 
Great idea. As soon as it was done (about a fifteen minute show) we were out of there and didn't have to walk back to the car.

 Porter's all together.
Misty's expecting another miracle in December too!!

 Every single firework these three were like "wow, oh, ah, wow" or some sort of exclamation.
Pretty cute, even funnier that Mike fell asleep during the show :)

 After that short display, which was perfect for the kids, and really, it's all about the kids at this stage of life, we did a few fireworks at the Porter's house.
James like his sparkler.

 Jack, with help from Daddy of course

I loved how Taylee dressed herself today.
Pure four year old awesomeness :)
She gets along so well with James, and Jack.

Happy 4th of July!


Pooja Mittal said...

Nice post...beautiful pics... U have a lovely family...
May be we can follow each other!!!!
Keep in touch

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! I especially love your family picture after the fourth of July parade where Jack is laughing. :)