Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some June Outings

Some pictures from June...
We went to Colorado to see how we could help my Mama.  I drove both kids out, and Nathan flew in from Houston after a business trip. We had dinner at Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol's house one night:

 Jack and Uncle Kyle

Had a good time chillin' in the front yard blowing bubbles another day at our house
 Get the bubbles!

 Daddy the bubble blower

 Running and playing with mommy

 Jack's expression here is great!

James and I took a trip to Colorado another week in June to see Grammies in the hospital.  She was looking so, so, so much better (and anyone would look better after being on their death bed). 

We stayed with Grandma Kitty, and had a great time there too!

 Bompa and James

We stopped at the Lincoln memorial in Wyoming on our way home, this was in the visitor's center:

 Mommy and James with Abe's giant head!

If going out to Colorado twice was crazy, the next two weeks were even crazier!