Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surviving while Enjoying

So the first few weeks are hard with a newborn.  Jonathan is doing great eating, most of the time during the day.  At night though he was screaming and not sleeping from about 9pm until 2am constant, then he'd still wake again a few hours later, then a few hours later, then maybe fall asleep about 6:30, and then the other two would wake up.  It was rough.  Then James and Jack were taking turns, literally, at also waking up.  I do know that this stage of life won't last for forever, but those first few weeks I was beyond exhausted.  It has been getting better, I think a large part of that was cutting out all milk from my diet first, and now all dairy.  It made me think of the comedian Brian Regan's bit:" "I go to the doc and at the end of the visit he says, "and lay off the dairy", he might as well have said, "and no more happiness" ". I've also now laid off all chocolate :(  Both seem to have helped.

He loves his little baby brother

Jonathan and Baby Dear (my baby doll my parents gave me when
my little sister was born, they are the same size!)

Hello there!

James in his new ski helmet

James loves to lay next to Jonathan



Tiny sparkling cider bottles

Sleeping angel

Bluetrack race track, that is an awesome toy 
Nathan found on

Daddy and James went skiing

He sleeps during the day...

"Mommy his eyes are open!"

Jack built a plane out of blocks

So glad these two are buddies and can play
together, poor mommy has been pretty tired

James with bridges and a road

Jack wanted to be spider man :)

I love all my boys,
 but I'll never take sleep for granted ever again!
This is why people get gray hairs (I have about five,
but I color my hair so you can't tell!), and wrinkles.
I am though truly happy, and am so happy to be their mommy.
I've been MIA, so sorry to all my friends, and family.
I'll get energy and do something, then have to recover for about
two days, then I'll try again.
I've been to Costco with all three, but it took about
four hours, with a feeding in the car, getting all the groceries
and then lunch at Costco, then a feeding again in the car. 
But I did it!


Nikki said...

I've had to be completely dairy free and soy free for 11 months now so I can pass along dairy free recipes, websites and tips if you want me to.

Kate said...

Newborns are soooo hard! I'm sorry you are still in the thick of it. I hope it gets easier soon! Baby number 3 almost put me over the edge... And yet having two older siblings who could play together was really helpful. Glad James is a great helper to you. Hang in there! It gets easier! And nice job conquering a trip to Costco! That's no small feat!

Jennifer said...

I hope things continue to get easier! At least your kids are pretty darn cute :)