Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jenn and Bryan's Wedding!!

We drove home from Vail on Thursday the 22nd. From there Jason took us to the airport, and we flew with saved Delta miles to AZ for the wedding. Wow, three states in one day! That night we celebrated James' birthday with family again.
James blowing out his candle
Karissa made a cute dinosaur cake. Thanks to everyone who was there!

Ryan and James playing the piano

Nathan, James and Kaylee opening presents

Friday more family came into town, and Friday night Jenn went through the temple to receive her endowment. Afterwards Kathy made the most scrumptious meal. She is sure talented that way. It was so much fun to all be there together. Our favorite thing about getting with family and friends is to talk and build those relationships.
Saturday morning was the big day! During the day, I'm not going to lie, it was HOT! We felt like we were melting, and it was 109 outside. Apparently that isn't that hot for down there. The worst was waiting for them to walk out of the temple, especially for the little ones. Jenn was beautiful though, and Nathan and I loved how we got to see how devoted Bryan is to her. Welcome to the family Bryan!

The lovebirds just married :)
However, the reception that night was so pretty, the best yet. They went all out, had a ceiling of lights, toil everywhere and it was beautiful.

Matching daddy and son


Elisa dancing with James :)

Love this picture, and love these girls!!! Rachelle, Kendra, Nicole, and Kortney

Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, and their great-grandkids from Manwarings!

Richard, Jason, Karissa, Jennifer, Nathan and Robert
Siblings, all of them! So cute :)

A cute little family

Kathy was amazing! I am so lucky to have her as my other mom.

Congrats to Jenn and Bryan!


Kate Bailey said...

I can't even believe how busy you guys have been! Those look like fun trips! I love the little family picture of you guys, and I especially love how you are tickling James' foot. I feel like my hand is always in awkward places in our pictures becuase I'm trying to get Hannah to laugh. LOL. Whatever works: his smile is great!