Wednesday, June 7, 2017

November 2016 Happenings

November in pictures....
James lost another tooth, again by using his crossbow to shoot it out!

Tooth Fairy time!

Stopping by to see my Chex

I love how the fireplace and new windows have turned out!

No snow yet?  Still time to get in a ride outside!
(By Nathan of course!)

Just some playing of "bad guys".  We crawl around the couch looking for bad guys to shoot.

Jonathan getting a haircut by Kilee! We love her to do our hair.

Cute littles to snuggle.
It is a huge deja vu with Jordan and Jonathan.
I feel like I've done these things (and worn the same outfits) with Jack and James.

Snow on the tops of the mountains, I love this look

Happy boy in the sink bath

A last ride up Old Snowbasin Road before it closes for the winter...

Getting ready with Christmas decorations, 
and this little scamp stands perfectly at the top of the stairs :)

I went upstairs after the boys had gone to school...there was some early morning playing the Utahraptor took out the ovaraptor!

Horseback riding with friends!

Jonathan loves it!

Jack was wrestling!

And loves it!  He's also pretty good at it too!

Old friends the Rouche's (one of Nathan's mission companions!) came up, and we went hiking at Green Pond.  About fifty feet into the hike, Jonathan got stung by a bee.  Between all of our kids, someone was whining or crying the whole time.
It's definitely the season of life we are all in right now. 

This guy is eating like a champ, and growing too!

I have been resting a lot and recovering with my legs up.  It seems to be working.
I also had an umbilical hernia repair, and am to take it easy for the next six weeks. 
It gives me more excuses to snuggle this really snuggly little guy. 

Another wrestling meet...

Jack takes the  podium!
But look at that stud!  I am so proud, and yell just like my older sister does for her kids on the sidelines :)

Jordan looks like Kramer!

Fun neighborhood fieldtrip to the Hill Air Force Museum

Learning about the engines

Fun group of ladies

Jonathan had his teeth cleaned at the dentist for the first time...

...he's a champ!  No one could believe that he wasn't even three yet!  
I can, I love that we don't make the doctor or dentist scary, and our kids love to go!

Everybody loves Jordan
Cute big brother with the baby brother

Jordan had his very first Irish dance preformance :)
He really did, he played baby Simba in the circle of life song!
Mommy and Jordan in our front row seats waiting for his debut!  Jordan is all in costume!

Jack had another meet...
This is a successful half nelson move..

Ready position.

First in his bracket!

Best buddy Bridger!  These two are great friends on and off the mat :)

This is a cute family home that Jack is in wrestling singlet, and Jonathan has no pants. 
It's just how we roll.

Mommy and Jonathan
He is so funny and just at the cutest age right now.

Don't mind me...this big guy was walking through our neighborhood.

3 months old now!

We got snow!  Jonathan is making some snowballs.

Getting both to look at the camera is hard, getting all four sometimes is impossible:)