Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Manwaring Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was with the Manwaring side this year, and this was the first time we ALL stayed at their Syracuse house! What we did together in pictures:

We did go up and ride horses one day...

Jordan trying to roll over

Papa and Jonathan watching the clock together

Such a good grandpa to hold the sleeping babe

Thanksgiving games with cousins

Jordan is such a snuggler, to anyone really

the dinner...

That's a lot of extra tables, but we are all eating in one room together.

After dinner playtime with cousins

This was the fun game that Karissa had brought... take turns by rolling the dice to a certain number, and while the next person is rolling, you keep unrolling the ball of goodies.  Whatever you unroll until who ever is next in rolling a certain number, you get to keep.  Very fun, high energy, and fast paced.

As you can tell, there was also glitter involved, so a bit messy in the end :)

Elisa holding the baby:)

A favorite pastime...singing around the piano

Cousins getting the baby to sleep, so sweet.

We ALL played a game together!  I think this one was Cards Against Humanity.  Pretty funny!


We opened Christmas presents from the grandparents the day after Thanksgiving since we wouldn't have Christmas together this year.

I love this outfit!  Aunt Tammi always send the cutest outfits for my 3month olds.

Nathan and James were cold...why not share a sweater!

Emma and Jack doing crafts together

Cousins playing apples to apples

One of the many meals together...this is the kids table :)

Jack started Thanksgiving day at the Turkey Tournament that was only in Farmington...
...and he did really well.  He got first!

Aunt Ann got to come!

Both buddies taking first in their weight bracket!

Grandma and Papa got to see too!!
Also not pictured were Elisa and Lydia who came to cheer Jack on as well.

Another fun game with cousins...Blockus

We love when we can get together, and this time everyone was able to make it. This was to be the last big gathering because Papa and Grandma put their house up for sale too.  Boo hoo.