Friday, September 10, 2010

August Happenings by James

Hi all, mommy and daddy have been really busy, so I thought I'd catch anyone who still reads this up with what we've been up to, especially with some cute pictures of yours truly :)

We've been on hikes as a family, that was lots of fun! Daddy has seen two moose running, and mommy and I have seen one while biking.

I'm growing, and I like to lounge in my comfy chair while I enjoy cool and refreshing milk.

Grandma came to visit, she loves me. She came to help mommy and daddy paint a little bit, but I loved playing with her lots and lots.

I helped mommy put our last two chairs together. I even got the alan wrench in the right hole!

Went to Tanner's football game. That was lots of fun, and I like watching and clapping. Maybe I can play next year :)


The Manwarings said...

I hope that we can see your new beautiful house soon! Kathy said that it was just beautiful and that you guys are doing a great job! Love and miss you!

Chapples said...

James you are so adorable! I love all your pictures! Good job helping your mommy put the chairs together, that's some hard work. :)

Kate said...

That first picture is beautiful! You guys have a cute family and the scenery looks gorgeous.

John and Victoria said...

love the picture of James holding his bottle with his foot, he sure is cute!