Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Friend!!

When we told our little niece Kaylee that we were expecting James, she said, "Yay, new friends!" No better words! Well, James now has another new friend. Our great friends and cousins Kristie and Tom had their baby girl, Lilah Rose. She was a few days late of her due date, and she took a long time coming (way to go Kristie!). We were able to go visit them in the hospital, and I love seeing new mommies. The special spirit that a little baby brings is just amazing. Congrats Tom and Kristie on this new journey, we are so happy for you!!!!!

Meeting new Lilah

A happy family

And James is excited for a new friends :)


Kate Bailey said...

Very fun! I just had a blast catching up on all of your posts... cute pictures! I love James' ooo face, and he looks so happy in the tub.