Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute James Through June

As I was going through the pictures from June, there are so many of James being super cute.

These first few are of us just enjoying an evening in the front yard here in Provo.
He is growing, and this month he jumped from 2nd %tile in height to 23rd %tile!!
That is HUGE (double meaning there:) )
He is also cruising along everything now, from the cabinets to chairs to
the walls, toys, toilets (scratch that last one), well anything. So here are some cute pictures of our Jamers.
I didn't want to be selfish so I decided I should share.

These next few pictures were taken with Aubreigh, Matt, and Quinn up in Heber. James doesn't really like the texture of grass on his legs, so he has a sort of Mogalie-from-The-Jungle-Book-crawl.

The Mowgli crawl
Close up!

Finally, a few more from the fire that we made up the canyon with Jason and Nicole. James makes just the cutest faces that it is hard not to share them all!

Loving the sticks, dirt, and outdoors!