Sunday, December 11, 2016

Colorado Trip: Glenwood Springs

The second part of our Colorado trip we got to spend with Jenn, Bryan, and Sadie in the beautiful town of Glenwood Springs!  What an Indian summer it has been, but that was nice because we were able to spend time outdoors with them!

First off, Nathan got to ride his bike TWICE while there.  Once on the way to there house, then again the next day all the way to Aspen. 
So pretty!

Saturday Jenn and Bryan had told us about a deal where you could bring canned food and get to ride the tram up the mountain to the top.  There were fall activities, a German band, and cave tours.

Riding up!

Jonathan and Sadie at the top.  Kids got to enjoy free rock candy

Sadie played in the dirt...but got it everywhere 

Jack and Sadie

Jordan had a great seat

This was inside the cave, seeing some of the beautiful formations

Listening to the tour
...Sadie was not a fan...

Inside the cave...

...and enjoying the views from the top!

Cute, cute Martin Family!

Some other sights at the top of the mountain

These silly goofballs :)

Waiting for the tram ride back down.

These two big brothers are such a help to the other two

Jack out side looking for crystals in the playground right out their front door.

At night we got to stay up, play games, and talk way too late for how early our kids wake.
Sunday we got to go to church with them.  Nathan and Jenn both have the callings of Primary Pianist, which is pretty neat. 

Here these two are...both wearing black and white, and both watching the popcorn pop the exact same way.  I thought it both ironic and comical. 

Sadie checking out the baby

Uncle Bryan!

Bye-bye Sadie bug!  Love you guys!

Trying to get all the kids to look at the camera, ha!
Thank you for hosting us!