Saturday, December 10, 2016

Colorado Trip: Dinosaur Stop

We took a road trip to Colorado, but headed through Vernal, UT and Jensen, CO to see these dinosaurs.  We drove that first night and stayed in Vernal so that early the next morning we could get a head start to see the bones and museum.  First time taking Jordan, and he did wonderfully!

James takes his role as big brother very seriously, and always is willing to help

Digging for bones, and our family in front of the Dino Quarry. 
There is literally a structure built over this quarry, where bones had been sticking out of the top of the mountain, they started digging, and found AMaZinG skeletons of dinosaurs!

Outside the museum in Vernal

At the Quarry, a little ways down the road.

Explorer Jack :) 

James got a Utah Raptor, and it was munching on his meat from lunch.  This place was such a hit, I can't wait to go back again someday!