Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Aboard for Flying!

 A few Saturdays ago we were able to take a flight on
Steve's plane. James of course loved it!
All strapped in and ready to go.
Also notice he has his flight jacket on,
he loves that thing.

Steve is thinking "you picture crazy people"

Wearing the earpiece to hear what Steve says.

Jack was shy/excited/unsure to sit there too.
He got to sit in the cockpit with Daddy.

Nathan taking off

My turn, and at the end of taxiing there is a list of safety 
checks before take off, and the plane didn't pass one,
so even though he had already taken off that day I didn't get my turn :(
But he is a safe pilot, so we'll go again another day.

Sitting back in the cockpit, Jack as pilot and James as co-pilot.

Thanks Steve for the great time!