Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random September

 A few random from September...
I thought it would be a fun "surprise" to bring out the telescope
one night, look at the moon and have hot chocolate.
I was talking up this "surprise" that Daddy was getting ready
(the telescope), and when we told the kids James said:
"That's not a surprise, surprises are toys!" 
Well, we'll work on that.
Hot chocolate was still a success

 See, all happy with the cocoa 

A few more soccer pictures...
 Best buddies Will, James and Owen
all playing at the same time together

 Going for the ball

 Daddy and Jack
Jack cheers James on every game, 
saying, "kick it, you can do it!"

 Go Team!

 Oaklee wanted to wear her costume one day while over here,
so the boys put on their costumes too.
Then they all decided to hide in the pillows in my room.
They'd say "come find us", but it was funny because they would want
me to go and cover them with the pillows, go count, then go and
uncover them to find them :)

All hidden, except James' hand!