Monday, September 30, 2013

Jack's Arm!

 We've gotten our first broken bone over here :(
On September 7th, during the BYU vs Texas game,
we were in Provo watching it the McConnons at their home.
Jack was on Nathan's back, playing "horsey" and he literally
only fell a foot and a half.  He cried out, and it was a different cry.
He was holding his arm to his chest, wanted us to kiss it (that usually
works for most owies and he's good to go), and put on a
big band aid (that is his last resort to make it better)
Neither worked though, he was done playing and just wanted
to sit on the couch with us and cuddle. He does not
do that often, and he was still holding his arm, so something
was wrong. He wasn't crying, but oh if I bumped it, he would.
We wondered if we should take him in or if he just strained it.
Well, we hemmed and hawed, and then I decided I would see
if he would at least straighten it for us.  He was moving his finger
without crying so we didn't think broken.  Well, he would
not straighten it, and I tried slowly, and he was crying loudly and it felt
locked.  We said, yep, we need to go to the doc.  Luckily our
doctor's office is open after hours by appointment 24/7,
(it is THE best, let me tell you, especially on Saturday nights
like this when something like this would happen, not
during a weekday at say 2pm).
We get the next appointment for 11:30 pm, then watch
almost the rest of the game, before we decide we need
to get out of there because we are IN Provo, and there will be
game day traffic on the highway heading north soon.
At this point Nathan and I both think a dislocation,
it is actually very common in little kids.
The doctor (not our regular, but after this I think I'll
be switching he was that great with this situation), 
said probably a dislocation, but we should get an 
x-ray and check.
Well, the x-ray was inconclusive, so 
he reduced the elbow, and it was dislocated.
That was the most painful part for him, and for me to hold him.
We would have to wait though until Monday to
know what the radiologist thought.
Monday morning bright and early I got a call
that the radiologist read the x-ray as a break in the elbow,
and we should get a cast.  It wasn't a bad break,
we'd only need a cast for two weeks, and if we didn't 
cast it and he hit it again just right it could become
a worse break. 
So in we went, he chose blue, and called it his big band aide.
First day he had it.
We called it his "big band aide".
He didn't mind it which was pretty surprising.

 Every time we'd say "show us your big band aide"
he'd raise his arm :)

 Showing it off for the last time before we got it off.

Pretty happy kid to have a cast.
After it was off, we were headed to the car, and as I'm getting out the keys,
he says, "look, I can clap!" Haha, love it!


Hillary said...

What a brave little guy. Glad he's doing well. :)