Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zoo Day

I was waiting for the weather to not be so hot so that we could go walk around the zoo.  The last part of August was just right, almost rainy, and it cooled down from our 90+ degrees we had been having everyday.  We got to go with Aubreigh and Quinn and baby Bennett, and also some of her other friends from Heber.  Great day, great friends, and animals were out :)

 These otters were  actually playing in the water, and my boys thought they were so funny

 The carousel was a big hit too!

Love these cute boys :)
Even if I sat in chocolate right before we got out of the car, or that we 
had to wait awhile for Aubreigh to come, or that we stayed late so we were late for dinner.
I don't even care that I don't make the best food or have the house cleaned all the time,
or especially have the laundry folded (my nemesis).
I like going on adventures with my boys much more!