Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not all fun and games at the park

Not long ago I took the boys to a park where there are duck and geese to
feed bread to.  Well, pickings must have been slim lately, maybe school
is back in so not as many are frequenting the park.
The ducks and geese were FEARLESS as they went for the bread.
We ran a little ways down to only feed a few, and then with them in the water
after it was getting a little intense and the geese didn't seem to want the 
bread, just honk at us.
Then the ducks and geese were coming out of the water, and even if I swung
the bag of bread they were not deterred.
We got on a park bench, and were throwing the bread before the geese
came out of the water (they were slower, but looked mean).
When they were close, we made a bee line for the car, 
literally I jumped over a duck off the bench with Jack in 
my arms to get away. James took off faster than I've ever seen him.
 The view of water fowl after us when I bent to get the keys

I dropped my keys and had to lean down to pick them up, and 
Jack thought I was putting him down, and starting crying for me to 
run and carry him.  Poor guy, but I was a little scared too. 
We made it back to the car to take this picture:
Mommy and her boys
One of my favorite pictures ever

But our victory was short lived, because the geese were actually
FOLLOWING us to the parking lot. 
After the picture was snapped, we jumped in the car, Jack crying a little,
James very serious, and neither
want to go back to that park anymore:(
I remember being about four and having the same sort of experience
with my mom and dad, and the geese were pecking at the 
pin striping on my mom's Honda Prelude.
To a four year old, those geese are huge!


Jennifer said...

That totally happened to me one time! The problem is I was sitting on the ground and the ducks/geese were surrounding me before I could even stand up. I'm glad you guys got out unscathed!