Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our First Garden

It was actually my first garden, pretty much ever.
So I decided to start small, we planted tomatoes,
zuchanni's, yellow squash, and pumpkins.
Well, the pumpkins never came up, ever, but these did:
 This was from just one day... this was dinner. Grilled all the veggies in the photo.

Then my good friend Holly taught me how to can because I had
so many peaches, and needed help ASAP! 
 Canned peaches for this winter! And Jack loves them :)
Thank you Holly! It was fun and I am going to can a lot more
things this year now.


Jennifer said...

How did you get the peaches canned? Did you use a pressure cooker, or some other method? I'm going to need to learn how to do that some time.

Kendra said...

Jenn, I used a steam canner, I borrowed one from my friend, and used her canning tools (to pick up the hot hot hot jars after they were steamed). You can also do a water bath one. Both are pretty easy actually. They syrup is all up to you if you want light, sugary, medium, no sugar, whatever your preference. Google and you'll find some step by step instructions. I did most of mine with sugar in very hot water and added that to the peaches, others I only used fruit-fresh produce protector in hot water then added that to the peaches. I've had some with the sugar water, none of the other yet, and I didn't mark which was which. We will see, hope that this helps!