Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let's Play Soccer!

We signed up James very last minute to play AYSO soccer with his little buddies and a neighbor who is a coach.  So last minute we didn't even sign up before the first game, they needed another little guy, so we thought, "hey, this could be fun".  James likes it!  He's had four games now, his first he scored a goal!  Then the next two he sorta played around rather than played soccer :)  Then today he scored another goal! 
 What goal are we headed to?

 This is four-five yr old soccer, they all head for the ball

 All follow the ball, and if you can, kick it :)
Hi fives after the game with his team.
James barely made the cut off, it's Aug 24th, to be four to play this year,
so he's one of the youngest and smallest.
It's all about having fun though, and that is what counts!