Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Awaited Blessing

We are very happy to announce that we'll be adding to the family!!!!!! 
Due March 1st, 2014
Not sure what we are having yet, I'm now 14 weeks, and feeling pretty good actually.
We've been wanting to be pregnant for a long time now,
so after trying and waiting six months, 
another five months on clomid (that stuff was making me a little crazy, and after 
James my thyroid became hypo, and so I needed clomid for Jack too),
an ultrasound to check out the tubes, 
and lots of prayers and fasting,
we are expecting again.
It will be different having a baby not on July 21st, hehe.
I'm not very nauseous during pregnancy, which I am so grateful for.
This time though I got the WORST heartburn of...ever.
I thought that a rib had been broken by my chiropractor and
had punctured my lung, it was that hard to breathe.
I also was on a lemonade kick, and the lemonade was 
made by me from lemon juice and agave nectar (2 quarts of it),
then 4 large glasses at the Morgan County Fair of the 
hand squeezed kind, and then a large order of hot and sour soup.
Pretty sure that I burned the esophageal sphincter 
(the muscle that makes a seal between esophagus and stomach). 
After that was a little hard to hide
 (we were going to wait to know what we were having
before we announced it), all the family
got our new family picture, pictures of James and Jack, and
then an ultrasound picture with a note saying 
"hope you like the new pictures of the family :) "
We are so happy for this awaited blessing to come to our family.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!! We're so excited for you guys! Make sure to let us all know if it's a boy or girl when you find out :)

L.J. said...

happy for this! :) A growing, beautiful family. I love the Manwarings! I've decided I wish we lived closer. We'd have fun. :) One day I will try to start blogging again! You're motiviating me. Marriage, and 4 moves within 4 moves have made it hard! Finally settling down.

Hillary said...

So exciting!!! I'm so happy your prayers have been answered. What a special little one you'll have to join your family soon. Congrats! Thanks for sharing :)

Lorie S. said...

Congratulations Kendra and family! How exciting. I can't wait to find out if you are having another handsome boy or a lovely little lady!