Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All the random photos in August

Some of the funny times I took pictures of in August.

 I go outside and find them throwing mud on each other, but having fun while doing it.
What is funny is James hates having even a drop of paint on his hands, but mud, no problem.

 Time outs in towels turned into the giggles 

 The professional bike race "Tour de Utah" came through our town!  
We went down to the main road to watch over 100 cyclists race by. 
I think what was more impressive were all the support vehicles, each racer needs one!

 Singing and playing the piano before church with Daddy

 Making mud pies, so he ditched his clothes :)

The boys were helping me paint downstairs, now he's mad 
because I have to wash it off and won't let him get paint all over the place.
My independent two year old :)

 Trying on Daddy's shoes

 Let's run in them of course

Another cute one from the zoo

James loved being on the Eagle the second time around


Jennifer said...

Love these pictures! Your boys are so cute!