Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

 On Labor Day Matt and Aubreigh invited us to go to a trout farm with them to go fishing.
James has a little fishing pole, and he LOVES to cast it and then reel it in 
all the time in the house (it only has a little rubber fish on the end).
So we went and had James use his little Toy Story Fishing pole. It must have been the
 lure Matt put on or some thing, because
James caught so many, and big ones too!
If you hooked it you had to keep it to take home to cook.
We eventually had to tell him to not put his line in the water,
we didn't want to pay for anymore fish!

First at the small trout pond

 Then at the medium sized trout pond, and James caught one of the biggest fish in it, 
a 14" one, look at the bend in the pole!

 Still reeling it in (Uncle Kyle would be proud)

 I thought that pole was going to snap!

 So then it was my turn to help James, and after three casts
he caught an even bigger fish!

 Jack was content with looking at the fish in the bucket or
running around on the grass.

 Quinn's turn as we all watch 

 This kid loved to hold the fish!

 James and Quinn checking out the giants in the trophy pond.
This pond was fly fishing and catch and release only.

 James reeling in ANOTHER 14" trout on his own!
There was a teen and his dad fishing next to us, and when they saw what James
was pulling out, the dad turned to the son and said "you just got
owned by a 4 year old!" for James holding his own fish and catching a big one!

 Look how he's holding down his fish.
I think we have a fisherman on our hands.

 So James caught the bottom one and then top three.
After paying for them we had them filleted for us.

 Blackened grilled trout, so, so, so good
 And a lemon pepper fillet in there just to be safe.
What a fun place (and tasty dinner!), 
thank you Parks' Family!