Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Pictures at FotoFly

 For the kids' yearly pics (4 and 2) we took them again to FotoFly in Draper, and we had a few family shots taken as well.  That place is great!  It's the first time Nathan has been, and the first time for our family pictures.  I loved it so much last year when I took James and Jack after a bad experience at Sears, I wanted to go again.  You get the entire CD (about 40 pictures), and there's no sitting fee, for $88!  And they have very fun and upbeat photographers, modern backgrounds (you move around to each area, they aren't backdrops that are pulled down), the props are modern and clean.  An hour after your session ends, you go back to the studio and preview your pictures, if you don't like them, you pay nothing and can try again another day!  We also ordered a TON of pictures for our family and our home, including a 16"x24" photo.  So, so, so reasonably priced.  And we love the photos. 
 I highly recommend this place to everyone!
 Here are some favorites (all below are in our house somewhere!)


Michelle said...

love them! you have such a cute family! congrats on your third coming along, so happy for you! you coming to cali any time soon!? :)