Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Superbowl Champions!!!

Nathan didn't care much about football until he married me, a Denver native with uncles who are so loud during games they can be heard in neighboring states.  Well, also lucky for me is that Nathan's cousins (so then when we got married that made them my cousins) Mike and Misty and their kids are also huge Bronco fans.  Last time they went to the superbowl I was pregnant with Jonathan, and stress would induce braxton-hicks contractions.  That game was such a bust that it did not put me into labor unfortunately.  However, this time around, Superbowl 50, was the best, and we went to Franklin to watch it with the Porters!

Sporting our colors

Saturday we got to go sledding and ride the snow mobiles.  
All the boys were fans.  And I love all the owl hats!

Running around with a football

A little mid-game twister broke out (it happens when you are with cousins!)

Jack and Ty, ditching the shirts because they are hot.
My three kids and their last three kids are very close to the same ages, so it's lots of fun when we get to see them.
Watching the game on one of the many TV's one :)

A hug from Taylee as we were leaving

Their favorite game was pushing this car back and forth, then Jonathan wanted a ride too, and they were more than happy to oblige. 

Thank you Porter's!  And Thank You BRONCO'S!